Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment Centres in Northcliff

Drug Rehabs Misunderstood Facts

Drug rehabs have a process that helps people with a substance abuse disorder heal. As a newbie to the rehab environment, you may have little to no knowledge about drug rehabs. Here are a few misunderstood facts about drug rehabs: Rehab is only for the rich and famous There are many luxury rehabs out there […]

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whoonga/nyaope addiction

Whoonga/Nyaope Addiction: South Africa’s Insidious Epidemic

If you or someone close to you has a Whoonga/Nyaope addiction, you will notice that it is an insidious and destructive drug. People who get hooked on the drug enjoy the initial feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and escape Whoonga/Nyaope seems to offer, but soon enough this “fake happiness” will let them down. Soon the individual’s […]

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Alcohol abuse

Alcohol Abuse: What is Wet Brain?

Alcohol abuse is damaging in many ways mentally, spiritually, and physically. Wet brain is a term to describe Wernicke-Kordakoff syndrome. Wet brain is linked to excessive alcohol abuse and is a severe condition. Alcohol Abuse Causes Wet Brain Long-term drinking brings about many negative health risks and side effects. Alcohol abuse causes a thiamine (B1) […]

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Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment Centres in Johannesburg

Drug Addiction Detox: The First Vital Step

Drug addiction detox is the first vital step to cleanse the body of toxins from drugs and alcohol. This is done in a safe environment. It is never a good idea to go “cold turkey” as withdrawals can be deadly. It is vital that drug addiction detox be done under the right supervision and with […]

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Drug and alcohol abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Facts You Didn’t Know About

Drug and alcohol abuse affects millions of South Africans each year. Yet, there is not enough education on the behavioral, biological, and social factors of the disease of addiction. What is the average age that children experiment with drugs? Answer: 13 years old. When kids hit puberty, they become grandiose in their behavior and many […]

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marijuana addiction

Marijuana Addiction: Behind the Smoke Screen

If you know someone that has a marijuana addiction, you will most likely notice the negative side effects and be shot down if you point these out. The reason for this is that it is seen as a “cure-all” and not enough research is being done on the harmful effects. You will notice a myriad […]

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Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment Centres in Umgeni Business Park

7 Things Good Rehabs Will Have in Place

It is no surprise that when looking for good rehabs on the internet, the choices can be overwhelming. You may be the loved one of a person who is suffering from a substance abuse disorder and desperate to get the help your loved one needs or you may be the one who needs help. There […]

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