Addiction Treatment Facility Programme

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When seeking a treatment facility for drug and alcohol abuse, we are likely to book into the first rehab available. Obviously there are many factors that sway that decision, such as cost of rehab and duration of treatment. If you can view addiction as a mental illness, you will choose the correct treatment facility.

Choosing the best treatment facility for yourself or a loved one will be beneficial in the long term. The most important factor to consider is that the rehab offers a tailored type treatment for the patients individual requirements. Addiction treatment is never a one size fits all experience. At ARCA rehabs we assess where the patient is at with their addiction and suggest a recovery plan that is best suited.

Factors that we will consider include:

  • What are the Substances of choice?
  • What duration has the substance of choice been used?
  • Will there be severe withdrawal symptoms?
  • What is the general mental and physical health of the patient?

First Step: Intake

A patient will more than likely be accompanied by either family, friends or addiction counselor. There will be some paperwork that needs to be filled out. There will be a thorough search of all luggages and persons for items that are not allowed in the treatment facility, such as:

  • Sharp objects – weapons or anything that could be used for self harm
  • Drugs or alcohol – these include all prescription medication
  • Paraphernalia – straws, baggies, pipes or syringes

Second Step: Admissions

The patient enrolls into a treatment facility. This is the first step to recovery and the bravest step you will take. ARCA has made the admissions process an easy and comfortable one as we understand how overwhelming it is for all involved.

Third Step: Assesment

Our team of addiction specialists ask the patient questions to determine where the patient is in their addiction. Factors that are assessed, include:

  • What substances are abused?
  • Duration of addiction
  • Are there any underlying mental disorders?

The Assessment process is extremely vital Contact ARCA rehab today for a free assessment.

Fourth Step: Detox

Detox is a process where toxins are removed from the body, so that the patient can start rehab program sober and clean. ARCA rehab has qualified medical staff that guide patients through the detox process in a safe and comfortable way. Non-addictive medication is prescribed to assist with the detox process. Rehab treatment can only commence once detox is completed.

Fifth Step: Inpatient Treatment Facility

Patients reside in the facility and attend all treatments and therapies on a daily basis. This is beneficial for many reasons, such as:

  • No interference from the outside world
  • No triggers
  • 24/7 medical assistance
  • Safe and comfortable environment
  • Healthy nutritious meals three times a day
  • Less risk of early relapse

In an inpatient program, the patient is able to gain vital tools for recovery beyond rehab. For more information about the therapies that we offer, call ARCA Jhb or Durban today.

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