Medication To Stop Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Medication to stop drug and alcohol abuse

Medication to stop drug and alcohol abuse is now being used in many rehabs and is proving to be effective. These non-addictive medications help to prevent relapse and reduce cravings. These medications are used during a medical detox and recovery post-rehab. Medications are not a magic cure for drug and alcohol abuse, but they sure do help with the chance of a successful recovery.

 Alcohol Abuse and Anti-Craving Medication

Alcohol consumption in South Africa is socially accepted and easy to obtain. Drinking alcohol on the odd occasion may not be a problem for most, but for many, it becomes a big part of their lives. Is your favorite past time making your life unmanageable? Alcohol causes chemical changes in the brain that affects the reward and pleasure pathways. You may feel great at first due to the feelings of pleasure increasing but eventually, these feelings will change to feelings of despair.

Those who are suffering from an alcohol abuse disorder will experience fatal withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop drinking. It is strongly suggested that a person who desires to stop drinking books into a detox program in a rehab facility to avoid complications.

What medication is used during detox?

  • Antabuse – works by blocking the effects of alcohol in the body, causing a bad reaction when the patient attempts to drink.
  • Naltrexone – suppresses the pleasure and reward effects of alcohol

Heroin Abuse and Anti-craving Medication

Heroin is highly addictive and the withdrawal symptoms are both physically and mentally severe.   

Medication that rehabs use for heroin addiction treatment:

  • Subutex – is used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings
  • Suboxone – blocks the effects of heroin
  • Naltrexone – suppresses the effects of heroin and reduces cravings

 Harm Reduction is Key

Heroin maintenance therapy reduces the risk of relapse. It acts on the opioid receptors in the brain in the same way that other opioids do, just not in such a potent way. Cravings are reduced and criminal activity is too. There is no one size fits all in recovery and this is the ARCA rehab approach.

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