The Impact of Drugs on Families

The Impact of Drugs on Families

The Impact of Drugs on Families

The impact of drugs on families is not understood by everybody especially when they haven’t experienced it within their own family. It’s easy for someone on the outside to tell you how and where life went wrong. It’s easy for them to dish out the proverbial scoop of sunshine and then walk away. It is however difficult to listen to someone who doesn’t understand and will never know the secret pains of a family in crisis.

Being forced to trust on shaky compromises and to build a life that is a crazy quilt of moments that force you to stand back, cross your fingers, and wish on a shining star. Nights filled with worry, days filled with fights. The constant downward spiral of watching a loved one kill themselves in front of you. They don’t get it, they can’t get it, it is an impossibility for them to actually understand what it is like to live with two different people in one body. How can anyone understand what it feels like to drown in that insanity?

Addiction is a systemic illness, it affects everyone. It wounds and leaves bodies in its wake on its search for its next victim. That is why we include families in our program. We know that you have been mauled and beaten. We know that as much as the addict needs help. The family needs healing as well. We will not dish out a scoop of sunshine, but rather a needle and thread to place the pieces back together.

We are here to listen, support, and protect. Our doors are open and our hearts willing. It is time for the healing to begin. Families can’t walk through this process without getting professional help. There are people who dedicate their lives to helping both the addicts and their families. Let’s walk this journey together. We understand the impact of drugs on families.

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