Drug Rehab Aftercare Support

drug rehab aftercare support

Once a rehab program is complete, staying sober has to be maintained. Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is a lifelong process. A few days in rehabilitation is not going to be enough and drug rehab aftercare support is vital. ARCA rehabs offer drug rehab aftercare support for a year free of charge.

It is dangerous to become complacent in recovery after rehab. ARCA rehabs offer a relapse prevention program that is key to a successful patient recovery rate. Recovery is a process and it takes time to get back to where you were before your substance abuse. Patients who leave rehab will be facing a new way of life without the use of drugs or alcohol and this is an overwhelming experience. Patients will be vulnerable and need the added drug rehab aftercare support if they are to stay clean and sober.

 How to maintain sobriety after rehab

Once a patient has completed a detox and inpatient program, they will return to daily such as work, family, friends, and activities. Some events and situations may trigger a relapse, and this is why it is so vital that there is drug rehab aftercare support after drug rehab treatment.

According to research, relapses usually occur in the first six months after rehab. It is important to understand triggers and guard yourself against these complications. ARCA rehabs encourage attending support groups and family groups. We offer free one year of support for all patients who complete a rehab program with us. This has been the key to our patients’ high success rate.

 Making New Friends in Support Groups

When a patient joins support groups, the possibilities are endless. Addicts in recovery have to prepare for many life changes. Early recovery comes with boredom, loneliness, and powerlessness. This is why support groups are so beneficial. New friends on the same path are the best support through recovery and make the process a joyful one.

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