Exercising for Recovery

Exercising for Recovery

Exercising for recovery

It is a great idea that addicts in recovery do some kind of physical exercise. Yoga and boxing are great options.

Exercising for recovery might not be on your list of activities when coming into rehab but it is very essential. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle is key to staying sober and clean as it increases feel-good hormones and gives a sense of wellbeing physically and mentally. Studies have shown exercise along with all other therapies during recovery is very successful and necessary.

One type of exercise which is very good for addicts is yoga. It is not just an exercise activity but also a form of meditation. It is like a free weight for the mind. It is known to develop the prefrontal cortex which is where choices are made. This is also the part that is compromised by alcohol and drug addiction.

12 benefits of yoga during recovery

Consider yoga when thinking of options for exercising for recovery.

There are many benefits to doing  yoga during your recovery:

  1. Improved Brain function
  2. Lower stress levels
  3. Flexibility
  4. Lower blood pressure
  5. Improved breathing and lungs
  6. Increase Libido
  7. Reduce neck pain
  8. Anxiety relief
  9. Steady blood sugar in diabetics
  10. Improve back problems
  11. Improved posture
  12. Self-confidence booster

There are different types of yoga. Hatha is the one addicts would benefit from as it’s good for relaxation and focus. Yoga also is uplifting and good for stressful days.

Studies show that yoga helps people who have PTSD. Regulated breathing, control in movements, and mindfulness exercises can benefit addicts. Self-esteem and better sleep are keys to trauma victims as they suffer from anxiety and self-pity.

Another good exercise is boxing. Many addicts worldwide have taken to boxing in recovery and have taken others off the streets and into boxing rings. The end result is inspiring and this sport is gaining popularity as a way to learn discipline and self-control.

Benefits of boxing as an option for exercising in recovery

As with yoga, boxing is an excellent exercise with many health benefits for exercising during recovery.

  1. Reduced stress
  2. Flexibility
  3. Balance
  4. Hand-eye coordination
  5. Discipline
  6. Strength
  7. Increased confidence

Whatever form of martial art is a physical activity and emotional principles will help stave off cravings for drugs or alcohol. Boxing focuses on clearing the mind, movement, and discipline in every part of recovery. Exercising for recovery really is a must in all recovering addicts after treatment too.

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