Women in Recovery

Women in Recovery are Different from Men

Women in Recovery are Different from Men

Women in recovery tend to be more fearful. Women often have concerns about going into treatment as they fear losing their families.

Many women believe their disease is a result of mental illness or stress due to running a household. The fear of being labeled by their family and community is a huge block. They also tend to minimize their addiction thinking of it as being silly or just having fun.

Woman start using drugs for different reasons to men. Progression is faster and leads to negative consequences such as prostitution and crime. They progress fast in rehab but relapse easier too. Women are more likely to use it at home in secret.

For men, drinking is done amongst mates as it is seen as brotherhood bonding time. Women are judged if they do the same as they are meant to be in control of their families. Women are essentially seen as caregivers and often the glue that keeps the household together. When a woman abuses a substance it has an impact on the entire family. Women are also harmed more emotionally in relationships. Couples that use together are attempting to reignite the old flame that has died or trying to communicate. Women are under a lot of pressure nowadays. They are homemakers, caretakers, and career makers. They have a full day and still have the responsibility of the household after hours. Mostly starting off as high functioning addicts then progressing into full-blown addiction and losing it all. Women have confirmed that it helped them function and relax.

Scientists have found that women use substances differently from men. They use smaller amounts in less time to become addicted. Women have more drug cravings and are more likely to relapse after rehab. A menstrual cycle can cause this. Certain hormones make women more sensitive and cause moods that lead to relapses.

Women suffer from after-effects on heart and blood vessels easier.
Brain changes are different for men.
More overdoses and emergency room incidents are women.
Big life changes such as divorce and the loss of a child can trigger substance abuse.
Women who use certain drugs often have panic attacks.

It can be a very difficult situation for a woman who is a mother and wife to seek treatment. Fear and uncertainties about what will happen to their families need to be put to rest. Reassurance and acceptance are key in this case and families need to be involved.

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