Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

Addiction a Disease or a Choice

Is addiction a disease or choice?

Is drug addiction a disease or a choice, to answer this question, we must think logically about activity and what results occur. There are activities that aren’t diseases but they can cause diseases. A self-destructive activity isn’t always a disease.

Many people will experiment with drugs at some point in their lives. So, why do some people develop a drug addiction while others do not? Is there much of a choice available to the individual, or is addiction more of chronic disease?

When a person is addicted to drugs, their entire existence revolves around their ability to obtain and consume drugs. They may make risky and destructive decisions as a result of their addiction. These decisions can sometimes cause harm to their family and friends as well as themselves. They don’t want to hurt anyone, but they can’t help themselves.

So now imagine a person using a substance: alcohol, nicotine, and illicit street drugs. We need not decide if this is due to habit, foolish behavior, or self-destruction but rather something separate and distinct. Is drug use a disease?

Is Drug Use A Disease?

The question of whether addiction is a chronic disease or a product of deliberate choice is still being debated. People try drugs because they want to, not because they want to become addicted. When they have a severe substance use disorder, how much control do they have?

Science cannot support that addiction is a disease, despite years of research. It only has evidence of the way substances alter the brain, but so does prescription medication for those who aren’t addicted.

Genetics, environment, social circumstances, and the age at which drug use began all have a role in whether or not a person gets addicted. Furthermore, addiction causes genuine changes in a person’s brain, making it difficult to stop even when they want to.

We believe in the theory that addiction is a chronic brain disease and that it has no cure. We are taught that fearful abstinence is the only way to live when in a rehab program.

Many experts believe it’s deep learning that is triggered when we are stressed – fight or flight response. It can be unlearned through healthier habits.

Fortunately, drug addiction can be treated with help. Our team will help you learn more about potential treatment options for you or your loved one.