Stress and Addiction

Stress and Addiction Two Common Denominators

Stress and Addiction Two Common Denominators

Stress and addiction are two common denominators. We all face the trials and tribulations of everyday stress but for addicts, this can be a dangerous trigger if not managed properly. Stressful life events and poor coping skills may worsen the risk of addictive behaviors. The reaction is impulsive and addicts are is most likely prone to self-medicating. While it isn’t possible to eliminate stress there are ways to manage it. Stress normally refers to adversity or hardships such as poverty or grief. Biologically it causes a rise in cortisol levels which are stress hormones.

For addicts that are already in a recovery program, stress could cause them to relapse. It is recommended seeking help with your stress. getting to the route cause could be the difference between relapse and sobriety.

Fight or flight is a normal response to stress where all the blood goes to the muscles so as to be ready for action. This action might not be healthy if you don’t have a survival plan in places, such as aftercare or a drug counselor.

Trauma in childhood is a big factor that leaves a person vulnerable later in life. The link between the two is common in society today. High-stress levels cause methylation of key genes that control stress. Early adversity alters our genetics. When this happens a state of emergency is constantly affecting us.

The workplace is another context that provides routine exposure to chronic stress. Work-related stress includes factors such as demands of the job and the ability to have control over decisions and degree of social support within the workplace. People in jobs where they have no control are open to anxiety and depression. They also suffer from stress-related illnesses such as ulcers and diabetes.

High emotional stress is linked to loss of control over impulses and the ability to delay gratification. Chronic stress decreases our grey matter in the region where cognitive control and stress are regulated. The part where the prefrontal cortex is found shuts down due to stress. The stressed brain loses the ability to be reflective and become automatic. Therefore stressed individuals will give in to temptation and use their drug of choice or even overeating. Stress and addiction can be managed with treatment and aftercare meetings. It isn’t weak to admit you are stressed. If you or a loved one suffers from stress and addiction try our rehab treatment options.

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