Nyaope the Deadly Street Drug

Nyaope the Deadly Street Drug

Nyaope the deadly street drug

Nyaope the deadly street drug is going by many different names in different areas where it is been sold. In Gauteng, it is known as “nyaope” or “sugars” but in Durban, it’s called “Woongo”.

Nyaope is unique to South Africa

Nyaope is unique to South Africa. This drug was introduced into townships in 2006 and has now spread in popularity and arrived in Durban in 2010 where it’s called “Woonga”. Antiretroviral drugs are being stolen and some people are selling their antiretroviral meds in desperation for money. One hit of Nyaope costs as much as R30 for a straw and can either be smoked or injected. Many addicts are even injecting other Nyaope user’s blood into their bloodstream otherwise known as “Bluetooth”. Recently ashes from deceased nyaope users have been stolen and smoked too. Users feel euphoric and relaxed but this sensation wears off after 2 to 4 hours and another hit is then needed.

Nyaope the deadly street drug is highly addictive

This drug is highly addictive and contains a mixture of substances such as cocaine, heroin, and the main ingredient antiretroviral which is HIV medication. Nyaope is extremely addictive and the recovery rate is very low as users feel heavy cravings even after first use. It is also dangerous as it reduces both heart and lung function.

Nyaope overdoses and withdrawal symptoms

In Nyaope overdoses its reported that heart and lung function suffers. Withdrawal symptoms involve both pain and cravings which are temporarily relieved by continuing use. This is partly due to the drug heroin and cocaine in marijuana. The effects of nyaope withdrawals are: Body pain shivering insomnia
stomach cramps
glazed eyes
skin infections or abscesses
weight loss
changed behavior
Criminal behavior

Withdrawal is very uncomfortable and includes and feeling ill which can only be relieved by more nyaope. It is compared to the same withdrawals as heroin addiction. It is apparently unbearable and could lead to death.

Nyaope deadly street drug is highly addictive and many are dying from it. The drug is a huge problem in South Africa.

Treatment is highly recommended.

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