Week-end Alcohol Rehab

week-end alcohol rehab

Are you looking for a weekend alcohol rehab? ARCA rehabs offers a 3 day detox program for those who work or study and cannot take time off to book into an inpatient program. ARCA rehabs have a structured program for individuals who are looking for a weekend alcohol rehab. A medical detox is the most important first step in recovery. Once the detox program is complete, you can commence with an outpatient program. Contact ARCA rehabs today and make an appointment with one of our addiction specialists.

Outpatient program

An outpatient program is a daily after hours rehab treatment option. Patients are required to meet a few times a week with an addiction specialist at the rehab premises after hours or on the week-ends. The duration of treatment is based on the individual’s personal needs and can last a few weeks or more. We suggest that patients take the suggested duration given to them by medical professional for a successful recovery result.

An outpatient program is a lot more flexible that many day programs as there are meetings in the evening and the weekends. Once a patient has reached their recovery goal, the meeting would be less frequent. Support group is continued once outpatient program is complete and is a strong suggestion as a relapse prevention plan.  

Support Group Meetings

Group meetings are a great way to meet others on the same path to recovery as you and form a new circle of friends that are sober too. Meetings are based on what members prefer and many groups meet at least three times a week for an hour or two.

ARCA rehabs offers the best week-end alcohol rehab program according to a patients individual needs. Get into contact with ARCA rehabs today and get your life back for good.

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