Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious condition. Here we look at the benefits and obstacles surrounding rehab and finding local rehabs for a loved one or yourself. If you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem, it is time to seek help and the best way to do that is at a good rehab.

ARCA rehabs offer programs for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction as well as psychological counseling services. Treatment programs at local rehabs are designed to help patients overcome their addiction with the help of trained psychologists, addiction experts, and social workers. Drug and alcohol addictions are a struggle to get through and that’s why ARCA rehabs offer a safe environment for treating patients and ensuring they are under 24/7 medical supervision.  

Detox is the most vital first step. ARCA provides medication and psychotherapy to reduce the severity of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse. For an individual who is addicted to drugs and alcohol, entering into a rehab program is the best choice they will make for themselves. We offer a variety of therapies and are progressive when it comes to recovery from addiction. Recovery from substance abuse is a process and every individual experience it differently.

Side Effects of Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

Both alcohol and drug addiction is the cause of thousands of deaths every year in South Africa. Addiction can lead to serious negative physical and mental health effects. It is therefore important that an individual who suffers from the disease of addiction seeks help before these negative consequences occur or worsen.

Detox from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Detox from drug and alcohol addiction is safer and more effective when done in a rehab detox facility. Detox lasts up to 5 days and is the first step to a successful recovery. Withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening and that is why ARCA rehabs offer a medical detox using the best medication and therapies available.

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