Drug Rehab Centres for Drug Addiction

Drug Rehab Centres for Drug Addiction

Drug rehab centres or drug rehab are places a person suffering from addiction go to when they want to stop using drugs. Different drug rehabs have different types of programs. Some rehabilitation centres offer 12 step programs, others are Christian based rehabilitation centres, there is also medical rehabilitation that focuses on the medical aspects, and there are detox recovery centres.

Why do people go to rehab?

People go to drug rehab centres because they cannot stop using drugs on their own. Addiction is an uncontrollable urge to use drugs. Many addicted people want to stop using but the urge to use known as cravings overpowers all logical thinking and they carry on using no matter how much they might want to quit. Drug rehabs are usually their last resort. People tend to go to rehab when the addiction has reached a point of no return. Before their addiction reaches this point most addicts believe they have the addiction under control. But in reality, addiction cannot be controlled.

12 step programs rehab centres

The 12 step rehabilitation centres base their recovery program on the 12 steps of the AA, Alcoholics Anonymous. The NA, Narcotics Anonymous uses the same 12 step program but have adapted it to apply to use of narcotics

Faith-based recovery centres

Faith-based recovery centres are religious-based programs. These rehabs admit patients who are members of their religion. These rehabs can work for addicts if they dedicate their lives to their religion and show enough faith in their higher power.

Medically based rehabilitation

Medically rehabilitation is usually done within a hospital. Usually, the psychiatry wards offer rehabilitation programs. These programs tend to fail because the patient becomes addicted to medications they are given to cope with life such as anti-depressants and mood-altering medications.

Detox drug rehab centres

Detox rehabs tend to be the most successful recovery programs. These programs will admit the patient into the detox ward, clean their bodies of the toxins and drugs in their system. Once the detox is completed the addict will begin a comprehensive recovery program to learn new life skills. ARCA Rehabs include ant craving medications to make it easier for the person when they leave treatment.

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