What are the Benefits of Long Term Rehabilitation

Benefits of Long Term Rehabilitation

What are the Benefits of Long Term Rehabilitation

What are the benefits of long-term rehabilitation for drug addicts? Addiction is a behavioral disease that requires a lot of work on one’s self. It is due to this disease that addicts progressively sink into denial that eventually leads to consequences that force them to seek help and treatment.

The standard treatment duration of most drug rehabs is 28 days. This is directly linked to the Medical Aid cycle of one rehabilitation admission per year.

The following are a few reasons why long-term treatment makes recovery sustainable

• The period of detoxification is individual-specific. This affects the time one takes to settle into a program and ultimately the effort they afford the program.

• The longer an addict is away from the chaos, crisis, and conflict of their lives, the easier it becomes to focus on the changes they need to make, without the influence of external factors.

• Relapse is always possible. For this reason, an addict that has attempted recovery previously is more comfortable in a long-term treatment program. The awareness of what behaviors need to change is greater, as well as the desperation for a new way of life.

• The disease from which addicts suffer is terminal. The risky behavior an addict adopts as second nature is a difficult habit to break. The long-term treatment gives the addict an opportunity to identify, admit, accept, surrender to, and change these behaviors.

To an addict that decides to place a 28-day commitment limit to rehabilitation, I would like to pose the following questions,

1. Were there ever limits placed on the duration of using drugs?
2. Was there ever a financial limit to your addiction?
3. On a 3 am pick-up trip, did you ever feel like you were putting too much effort into scoring drugs? If you answered no to any one of these questions, clearly a 3-month stay in a rehabilitation center is nothing in comparison to the sacrifices you have made for your drug of choice.

There is no time limit to the love your family feels for you, or the longing your child has for your presence at a school concert. Choose long-term treatment, for long-term recovery.

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