Non-addictive Relapse Prevention Medication

Statistics show that drug-related crimes have increased by 11%. Addiction is a disorder that impacts not only the person who is addicted but also society. Many addicts will go to multiple rehabs in an attempt to overcome their addiction and relapse time and time again. The truth is that cravings for narcotics are so strong that even with counseling and rehab, the addicted person struggles to cope.

Rehab is a good first step toward rehabilitation, but what happens after the patient leaves rehab?

Non-addictive relapse prevention medication is successfully assisting many addicts

In an interview with Carte Blanche, Dr. Naidoo discusses how a non-addictive relapse prevention medication is helping many addicted individuals begin and maintain recovery successfully without having to stay in rehab for months.


“Addiction is a chronic relapsing disease, but we allow people to get their life back on track, they may relapse but they have a formula now to get back on track.” Dr. Prakash Naidoo ARCA rehabs.

A heroin addict will never have physical cravings for the drug again, according to Dr. Prakash Naidoo of ARCA rehabs. The detox program is only a week-long and has proven to be extremely effective. The medication’s cost far outweighs the cost of drug addiction treatment. Non-addictive anti-craving medications are used at ARCA rehabs to block heroin receptors in the brain, allowing patients to recover without the pain and misery of withdrawals.

Anti-craving medication is sometimes provided for a brief period of time, especially in in-patient rehabilitation settings. Long-term use of more than three months, however, appears to be the most helpful for maintaining addicts in recovery, according to a study. Anti-craving medication is regarded as a relatively safe treatment option, and it can be used indefinitely.

The Benefits of non-addictive anti-craving medication for addiction treatment

  • Compared to alternative therapies, there are fewer and less severe side effects
  • Reduces the desire to drink, particularly among alcoholics in recovery who relapse, by removing the pleasant aspects of drinking while leaving the impairing consequences alone.
  • Aids in the improvement of other therapeutic modalities such as therapy and counseling.
  • The therapeutic advantages are universally acknowledged to outweigh the risk of adverse consequences.


There is assistance available if you or a loved one is considering taking non-addictive anti-craving medicine to help overcome an addiction. Contact ARCA rehabs for the fastest and most effective treatment today.