Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment Centres in Hillcrest

Drug rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation is the intent to enable patients suffering from substance dependency to cease substance abuse. Drug rehabilitation is the medical and psychotherapeutic process used to treat the dependency of addictive substances such as street drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol. 

Drug rehabilitation centres

Drug rehabilitation centres in Hillcrest offer drug rehabilitation of drug addiction in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs is a drug rehabilitation centre in Hillcrest.

Drug rehab

Drug rehab in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs treats drug addiction in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs is a drug rehab in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs is a drug rehab registered with The Department of Social Development.

Drug Rehabs

Drug rehabs in Hillcrest treat people with drug substance abuse problems. ARCA Rehabs is one of the best drug rehabs in Hillcrest. When looking for drug rehabs in Hillcrest contact ARCA Rehabs for longterm recovery of addiction.

Drug rehab centres

Drug rehab centres in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs drug rehab centres in Hillcrest are known as one of the best drug rehab centres in Hillcrest. Contact ARCA drug rehab centres.

Drug treatment centres

Drug treatment centres in Hillcrest treat addicts who are addicted to drugs. ARCA Rehabs is a drug treatment centre in Hillcrest. 

Alcohol treatment centres

Alcohol treatment centres in Hillcrest treat people with a history of alcohol abuse in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs is an alcohol treatment centre in Hillcrest.

Alcohol rehab

Alcohol rehabs in Hillcrest rehabilitate alcoholics in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs is an alcohol rehab in Hillcrest. People who abuse alcohol require alcohol rehab.

Alcohol detoxification

Alcohol detoxification is also known as alcohol detox is the abrupt cessation of alcohol use by people suffering from alcohol dependency. The alcohol detoxification process is coupled with the substitution of drugs in order to prevent alcohol withdrawals. Alcohol detoxification in Hillcrest can be obtained at ARCA Rehabs. ARCA Rehabs is an alcohol detoxification rehab in Hillcrest.

Alcohol detox

Alcohol detox in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs is an alcohol detox centre in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs is a leading alcohol detox rehab in Hillcrest.

Alcohol detoxification centres

Alcohol detoxification centres in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs are an alcohol detoxification centre in Hillcrest. Alcohol detoxification centres assist with detoxing people addicted to alcohol.

Drug detoxification

Drug detoxification is variously the intervention of physical dependence on a drug. The process and experience of withdrawal syndrome and the treatment for an acute drug overdose. Drug detoxification in Hillcrest is done at ARCA Rehabs in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs is a drug detoxification treatment centre in Hillcrest.

Drug detox

Drug detox in Hillcrest. Arca Rehabs is a drug detox rehab in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs offer drug detox programs in Hillcrest. 

Drug detox centres

Drug detox centres in Hillcrest assist with the detox of people suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse. ARCA Rehabs have drug detox programs at their drug detox centre in Hillcrest.

Outpatient treatment of alcoholism

Outpatient treatment of alcoholism in Hillcrest is carried out at ARCA Rehabs. ARCA rehabs in Hillcrest offer successful outpatient treatment of alcoholism programs. Outpatient treatment for alcohol allows the patient to receive treatment for alcohol abuse while still going to work and living at home.

Outpatient alcohol rehab

Outpatient alcohol rehab in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs are an outpatient alcohol rehab in Hillcrest. Alcohol rehabs in Hillcrest have outpatient rehab programs.

Outpatient treatment of drug addiction

Outpatient treatment of drug addiction in Hillcrest is successfully carried out at ARCA Rehabs. ARCA Rehabs is an outpatient drug treatment centre in Hillcrest.

Outpatient drug rehab

Outpatient drug rehab in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs is an outpatient drug rehab in Hillcrest. ARCA Rehabs offer successful outpatient drug rehab programs.

Substance abuse treatment centres

Substance abuse treatment centres in Hillcrest intent is to enable the patient to confront substance abuse. ARCA Rehabs is a substance abuse treatment centre in Hillcrest.


Hillcrest is a suburb in Durban, South Africa. It is part of the outer west suburbs of Durban.  Hillcrest was formerly a sleepy village, governed by its own Town Board on the outskirts of Durban that has now become a booming suburb incorporated into the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality. Hillcrest obtained Town Board status in 1971 and lost this status in 1996 when it was made subject to administration by the Outer West Local Council – a substructure council of the then Durban Unicity. In 2000, the Outer West Local Council, along with other local councils, was disestablished and were replaced by the single eThekwini Municipality encompassing the entire Durban metropolitan area. The suburb of Hillcrest experienced a building boom in the late 1990s and 2000s with the construction of many gated communities and shopping centres. The postal code of Hillcrest is 3610.

Hillcrest nearby landmark

Winston Park Avenue of trees

2 Jan Smuts Ave, Winston Park, Gillitts, 3610

Things to do nearby Hillcrest

Springside Nature Reserve

93 Springside Rd, Hillcrest, 3650

Springside Nature Reserve

Kingdom Birding

24b Leslie Rd, West Riding, Hillcrest, 3610

Kingdom Birding

Animal Farm

3 Lello Rd, Assagay, Hillcrest, 3624

Animal Farm

Hotels in Hillcrest

Rivendell Bed & Breakfast

Belvedere, Hillcrest, 3610

Conveniently situated in the cool climate of the picturesque village of Hillcrest, just 20 minutes from Durban and with easy access to both the N3 and M13 motorways, is RIVENDELL Bed & Breakfast. Your hosts Penny and Mark Linley are well qualified to ensure that your stay will be a memorable one having been placed second in the annual SAA / AA National Guest House of the Year award program with their previous Guest House that they opened and operated for a period of 5 years in the Natal Midlands. is a must for the discerning businessperson looking for a safe and exceptional Bed & Breakfast or for the couple who just want a break from the normal routine and are looking for a quiet getaway.

Belvedere, Hillcrest, 3610

Riverdale Bed & Breakfast

Valley Lodge

2 Valley Dr, Belvedere Ext 1, Hillcrest, 3650

Valley Lodge

The Warrens Guest House

Warrens Guest House is situated in park-like surrounds less than .5km from the center of this vibey village.  There are more than 12 Quality Restaurants, most within walking distance of the Guest House, and umpteen quirky and stylish coffee shops and snack bars to satisfy every palette.

Hillcrest, 3610

The Warrens Guesthouse

Hillcrest Corner Shopping Mall

Hillcrest Corner opened its doors in 2007 as the first community shopping center in Hillcrest, providing a one-stop shopping solution to help Hillcrestonians avoid the long trek into the city. We quickly became part of the community and are now an easily accessible, easy-to-navigate center that provides Hillcrest residents with all the relevant necessities of everyday life and epitomizes the essence of convenience.

As part of the fabric of Hillcrest, we know what our suburb needs, and we’ve provided it – essential shopping so easy and convenient, you just can’t resist. To put it simply, we’re simply essential.

51, 53 Old Main Rd, Hillcrest, Durban, 3650

Hillcrest Corner Shopping Center

Nearby airport

King Shaka International Airport

King Shaka Dr, La Mercy, 4407

Public transport

Carpenter C R

Transit station

11 Amberfield Estate, 3 Knelsby Avenue, Hillcrest, 3610

Tar Top

Transit station

47 Shongweni Rd, Shongweni, Hillcrest, 3701

Pringle H

Transit station

13 Oakland Ave, Belvedere, Hillcrest, 3610

Driving Directions to ARCA Rehabs

Hillcrest. Via N3. Fastest route.  This route has restricted usage or private roads. Get on King Cetshwayo Hwy-M13 in Everton, Gillitts from Springside Rd and Old Main Rd-R103. Follow King Cetshwayo Hwy and N3 to Jan Smuts Hwy-King Cetshwayo Hwy in Musgrave, Berea. Take exit 3 from N3. Take Mazisi Kunene Rd and Glenwood Dr to Exmouth Ave in Westridge. ARCA Rehabs, 1 Exmouth Ave, Westridge, Durban 4001, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

ARCA Rehabs

ARCA Durban


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