The Mind of an Addict

The Mind of an Addict

The Mind of an Addict and alcoholic baffles those close to them. What is exactly going on in the addict’s head? To an outsider, this behavior just seems crazy, confusing, and stupid. The repetitive self-harm of an addict isn’t easily understood.

For the loved ones of an addict, it is seen as weak or silly. The addict is actually intelligent although unstable and sensitive. The addict doesn’t choose to become addicted.

Addiction is a disease

Realizing addiction as an illness is the first step to getting through the denial and fear of recovery. Addiction is a disease just like bipolar or anxiety disorders. The neurotransmitters of an addict are “faulty” but can be reprogrammed with therapy and 12 steps. The addict’s brain is especially vulnerable when it comes to substances or anything that triggers the pleasure center of the brain.

Most addicts try to cut down their usage when they experience problems due to their addictive behaviors. But down on usage is nit the answer, the only way to lasting recovery is total abstinence from all mind-altering substances.

Even though this is a disease there should be no excuses for bad behavior. Addicts come from all walks of life and personalities are different. One common trait is feeling “alone” or an “outcast”.

How are addicts different?

Alcohol or substances adds temporary relief which gives them the confidence to be an extrovert and socialize easier. Addicts have a variety of personalities but there are many common traits they have too. One such trait is not feeling like they belong or having trouble fitting in socially. Substances help to ease that anxiety and relax around others. Addicts are sensitive people and tend to have extreme emotions.

Substances numb the painful emotions temporarily. Some come from broken homes or relationships and others from well-adjusted but inattentive environments. Some addicts are extroverts and others are introverts. Many have anxiety issues, depression, and bipolar disorder.  Addicts weren’t born manipulating, lying, and hurting their loved ones. These are behaviors caused by active addiction.

But an addict cannot put all the blame on the substance. Being in recovery means “owning up” and make “amends” to the people that they harmed. The word “addiction comes from the Latin term “enslaved”. Addicts in recovery who struggled and now help other addicts understand very well that this is true. The drug hijacks the brain and it isn’t easy to just stop using and never use again without recovery and therapy.

Lasting recovery

An addict can cease substances for many years without a program but will relapse easily when life on life’s terms is too much to deal with.

A good rehab program will help an addict deal with all their miss comings and find lasting recovery, which in turn leads to a happy fulfilled life.

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