Rehab Jhb – Choose the Right rehab

Rehab Jhb – Choose the Right rehab

How do you choose the right rehab Jhb? Addiction is a destructive disease that hurts the addict and all those around them. Fortunately, there are rehabs across South Africa that are dedicated to helping suffering addicts. There is a variety of different treatments out there and this can be overwhelming when choosing a rehab. Addiction is not a one size fits all when it comes to treatment. ARCA offers a holistic approach that addresses both body and mind with satisfactory results.

It is important to choose the right rehab if you want to have a successful jump-start into recovery. When you choose the right treatment, you will leave rehab sober and maintain your sobriety throughout life.

What are your treatment goals and needs?

Many rehabs specialize in one specific treatment. Do your research about what different rehabs specialize in and make your choice that suits your recovery. Ask yourself what your goal is. Do you need a rehab that will focus on both the body and mind? ARCA offers both. We ease our patients into recovery with the first vital step – medicated assisted treatment (MAT). It is extremely important to first get all the toxins out of the body for a successful recovery process. A patient will not be able to focus properly on their recovery with all those brain chemicals re-adjusting. The brain changes when we abuse drugs and alcohol, and it takes the right treatment to correct this.

You may have an underlying mental condition and be self-medicating as a result of this. We will assess where you are at in your addiction and assist with the best treatment options

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The best way to find a rehab that suits your treatment options is to arrange a consultation with a rehab therapist. This will help you with making the best decision for you or your loved one. View our rehab treatment programs