Outpatient Vs Inpatient Rehab

inpatient rehab program

When it comes to seeking help for a substance abuse disorder, you will be overwhelmed with the options. Do you book into an inpatient rehab program? What about an outpatient program? Is it as effective as an inpatient program? Let’s take a look at both, so you can have a better understanding about the options.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Many individuals who are seeking help from their substance abuse disorder will book into an inpatient rehab program. Most inpatient rehabs last up to 28 days, starting with a medical detox.

Medical detox is a process whereby the toxins from substance abuse is removed from the patient’s body, reducing withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings so that a the patient is ready for further therapy.

Pros of Inpatient Rehab

  • Sober and safe environment
  • Professional medical treatment during withdrawals
  • Relapses are reduced as there is 24/7 supervision
  • Intensive daily therapies
  • Support from social workers and fellow patients
  • Reduced exposure to stresses and triggers of the outside world
  • Many healthy activities such as exercising, swimming, art therapy and more
  • A higher likelihood of success in recovery

Cons of Inpatient Rehab

  • Limited access to outside world and visitation from family
  • Forced to take leave from work or studies
  • Cost of treatment is more due to meals and use of amenities

Outpatient rehab

Unlike inpatient programs, the outpatient program allows patients to continue with their daily responsibilities outside of treatment hours. This therapy is best suited for those who have a good support circle through family and friends, who can hold them accountable.

Pros of Outpatient Rehab

  • Reduced costs as you are not paying for meals and a room
  • You can continue with work or study responsibilities
  • You can continue with family responsibilities
  • Able to practice relapse prevention techniques

Cons of Outpatient Rehab

  • No 24-hour care
  • Risk of relapse around every corner
  • No detox for withdrawal symptoms or drug cravings


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