Drug Rehabs Misunderstood Facts

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Drug rehabs have a process that helps people with a substance abuse disorder heal. As a newbie to the rehab environment, you may have little to no knowledge about drug rehabs. Here are a few misunderstood facts about drug rehabs:

Rehab is only for the rich and famous

There are many luxury rehabs out there but there are also affordable ones that offer financial arrangements.

Only non-functioning addicts need drug rehabs

Just because you still have a job and have not lost everything does not mean you are safe from the many consequences of substance abuse. Addiction has many layers and just because you haven’t ended up homeless doesn’t mean you have to wait for that to happen. After all, prevention is better than cure. The truth is that addiction will mess up your life in one way or another and it will get worse.

Rehab is for people with mental disorders

Although many people do in fact have underlying mental conditions, this does not make them the obvious candidates for rehab. Years of substance abuse is known to cause mental conditions anyway. The sooner you book into a rehab for your substance abuse disorder the more of a chance you have or preventing long term mental disorders.

Rehab is for weak people

This is not true. It takes courage and strength to admit you have a problem and reach out. It also takes determination and grit to maintain sobriety once you leave rehab.

Rehab doesn’t work

If you have to Google testimonials of others who have completed a good rehab programme, you will find that there are millions of people who are living a life free of drugs and alcohol post rehab.

Rehab is like prison

Rehabs will have strict rules but there is good reason for this. When people with a substance abuse disorder enter into a rehab, they come with bad habits and have to learn to obey rules. Addicts are rebellious in their behavior and to ensure they stay in recovery, they need to learn accountability. If rules are broken, there are constructive consequences given.

 There are more drugs in rehab

Every rehab is different when it comes to security. At ARCA we do thorough searches and there is 24/7 supervision. If a patient is caught with substances on them, they are immediately suspended to keep the other patients safe. This is a rare occurrence but it does happen in all rehabs. The one thing you should consider is, the amount of drugs there is on the outside of rehab. Never let your addicted loved one manipulate you into thinking rehabs are a haven for drug abuse.

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