Drug and Alcohol Abuse Facts You Didn’t Know About

Drug and alcohol abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse affects millions of South Africans each year. Yet, there is not enough education on the behavioral, biological, and social factors of the disease of addiction.

What is the average age that children experiment with drugs?

Answer: 13 years old. When kids hit puberty, they become grandiose in their behavior and many times rebellious. This newly found sense of independence is often the driving force to try new things that are taboo and tempting. There are a few reasons why they experience drug and alcohol abuse and the factors vary:

  • Peer pressure – its seen as a way to gain popularity among friends
  • Curiosity – they may have seen drugs and alcohol as a fun recreation either through media or family environment.
  • Mental health issues – self-medicating with alcohol or illicit substances

What drug kills the most?

Answer: alcohol is the most abused drug. It is a drug in liquid form and it is legal. It is also the most common cause of unnatural death in South Africa. Alcohol abuse brings many factors about that cause:

  • Road accidents – the leading cause of road accidents is due to drunk driving
  • Domestic violence – 50% of homicide cases are due to the spouse abusing alcohol
  • Health issues – such as cirrhosis of the liver, stroke and high blood pressure
  • Job losses – 60% of poor work performance is tied to drug and alcohol abuse
  • School dropouts – 28% of school dropouts abuse alcohol

  What is the most abused prescription drug?

The most commonly abused prescription drugs are painkillers, tranquilizers, and stimulants.

What are the most abused street drugs?

The most common street drugs to be abused are:

  • Cocaine
  • Opioids
  • Marijuana
  • Hallucinogens
  • Nyaope/whoonga

Many people in South Africa are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. It can feel like a very lonely place to be, but you are not alone – we are here to help you. Reach out today and get your life back for good!