Do I Have a Drinking Problem? The Signs of Alcoholism

signs of alcoholism

Do I have a drinking problem? What are the signs of alcoholism? There are obvious signs, but what about the not so obvious signs of alcoholism? Many individuals hide their drinking problem from others, making it difficult for loved ones to intervene and get the help needed.

 Individuals who binge drink on weekends may seem like they do not have a problem, but some signs cannot be ignored, such as:

  • Short term memory loss and blackouts
  • Mood swings
  • Justifying drinking and drinking  as a way of coping or to alleviate stress
  • Choosing to drink over daily responsibilities
  • Isolating from family members and friends
  • Drinking alone or in secret
  • Suffering from hangovers often
  • Only hanging out with drinking buddies or in places where alcohol is available

If the above signs still do not have you convinced, then answer the following questions:

  1. Do you drink despite the negative consequences?
  2. Have you experienced blackouts from drinking too much?
  3. Have you lost interest in hobbies or activities you once enjoyed since you started drinking?
  4. Have you had alcohol withdrawals?
  5. Have you driven a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol?
  6. Have you been arrested due to your drinking problem?
  7. Do you hide evidence of your drinking from others?
  8. Do you find yourself at the bottle store first thing in the morning?
  9. Are you experiencing relationship problems due to your drinking?
  10. Are you experiencing health problems due to your drinking?
  11. Are you suffering from anxiety and depression?
  12. Are you drinking to cope with stress or trauma?

Treatment for Alcoholism

Trying to stop drinking on your own is not the safest thing you can do as the withdrawals are dangerous. ARCA rehabs detox clinic is the first in South Africa to use groundbreaking anti-craving medication that is effective and not addictive at all. Stop justifying your drinking problem and get your life back for good! Contact ARCA rehabs Jhb or Durban for a free assessment today.

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