Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol Dependency (Alcoholism) is where an individual develops a physical and/or mental dependence on Alcohol.  There are varying degrees of alcohol addiction but all are serious conditions that require professional treatment.  Alcohol addiction is characterized by the following groups:

Alcohol Dependency – Physical

Alcohol dependency that is physical is where an individual, due to drinking frequent amounts of alcohol, has built a tolerance to the amount that they drink. This simply means that in order to avoid the effects of withdrawal, they have to consume a certain amount of alcohol in order to keep themselves balanced physically and mentally.  If they drink less than the amount their body has developed a tolerance to, they will experience very unpleasant and sometimes dangerous symptoms of withdrawal.

Alcohol Dependency – Mental

A mental dependency on alcohol is where an individual feels the need for alcohol in order to face certain events or situations.  This may or may not be accompanied by a physical dependency.  An example of this is someone that feels the need to drink alcohol in order to socialize or someone who feels the need to drink alcohol in order to relax or sleep.  They use alcohol as a crutch to overcome uncomfortable feelings.

Treatment of Alcohol Dependency

Detox and withdrawal from alcoholism need to be undertaken in a medically controlled environment as the body can go into shock. Alcohol abuse is usually a symptom of a problem and is most effectively treated in a residential center with a structured program that takes a holistic approach. As with most addictions, relapse is always a danger. Therefore, follow-up care, such as attendance of AA meetings, is essential. At Addiction Helper, we can help you look at all the options available and provide all the support that you and your family will need.