Addiction Rehab Near Me

Addiction rehab near me is something many families google when they have reached their end with an addicted loved one. Supporting an addicted loved one is painful and draining at best. This is why it is for the families benefit that the addicted person gets booked into rehab before more damage is done.

While the addicted loved one may be finding recovery in rehab, the family is left with picking up all the pieces they left behind. The family has to take care of financial debts, children or legal issues that they did not prepare for and they may be paying for treatment. Emotions are high and families are not sure they will ever trust their addicted loved one again. This is understandable and very normal. The problem comes once the addicted loved one leaves rehab and returns to the mess they made. They may not be welcomed back with arms wide open and this is why family counseling and meetings are so vital for a healthy transition post-rehab treatment.

Why is Family Recovery Important?

Families also have their stories to share and they need to know that they are not alone and that there is hope. It is even more difficult for the family of addicted loved one to experience addictive behavior than the addicted person themselves. At family meetings, they can share and learn from others. They need to let others know that they love their addicted loved one and want them to be healthy again. The family meetings are safe places to vent and learn about solutions regarding the negative effects of addiction. Just as the addicted loved one cannot get clean alone, the same applies to family members.  Addicts like rehabs that are near them, but it’s usually best sending them a short distance away from their using environment. Addicted loved ones hijack their families emotionally, financially and physically. Families will feel the same emotions as their loved one on recovery. These are demons that are the hardest to face and many do not know how. At family meetings we find a way to work through the stresses and emotions that come with loving an addicted person.

There are many similarities in emotions and behavior just without drug use, such as:

  • Resentment towards the addicted loved one
  • Loss of trust
  • Anger
  • Unforgiveness
  • Self-pity
  • Secretiveness
  • Shame
  • Fear
  • confusion

The road to recovery is a process and it includes all involved. Your addicted loved one will benefit from your understanding and participation in their recovery. You will learn about healthy boundaries and relapse prevention techniques. Recovery is a journey that lasts a lifetime but with the correct support, it can be a successful one.

Addiction rehab near me

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