Addiction Detox Should Not Be Done Unsupervised

Addiction Detox

Addiction Detox Should Not Be Done Unsupervised

Addiction detox should not be done unsupervised. Drug and alcohol detox should not be done alone at home or without medical supervision.

Addiction detox requires supervision and medication

An addict should not detox alone is because they will need experienced medical staff to monitor the withdrawal symptoms, vital signs, and to administer medication that the doctor will prescribe them to get through the dangerous phase of withdrawals. Medication is also prescribed to prevent carvings which could lead to relapse. Detox rehabs are a safe environment as there are no ways of obtaining their drug of choice.

The withdrawal symptoms are not just uncomfortable but can be fatal too. Famous singer Amy Winehouse was suspected of dying from severe withdrawal symptoms.
People are not aware of the seriousness of drug and alcohol withdrawals.

Detoxing from the substance is the beginning of the recovery journey but without proper supervision, it won’t progress to recovery. The outcome of home detox is mostly negative, usually resulting in relapse. Rehabs employ medical staff who understand the process and how to assist the addicts.

At-home family or friends are usually manipulated by the addict.

Once the addict is completely detoxed then the therapy can start to sort through the behavior. Alcohol withdrawals can range from mild to severe. Anxiety, insomnia, and abdominal pain are the first stages. 24 hours after blood pressure increases and body temperature( dangerous stage). After 72 hours come delusions, hallucinations, and possible seizures which lead to coma or death. This is why an alcoholic will need to be in treatment before the 72-hour mark. Symptoms start to decrease from day 5 onwards and this is when they usually feel like they can drink again.

So now that we understand addiction detox shouldn’t be done alone. Seek help for your loved ones from a registered detox rehab. It is important to note that not all rehabs are registered for detox, so be sure to enquire if the rehab you decide on is registered to perform a medical detox.

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