7 Things Good Rehabs Will Have in Place

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It is no surprise that when looking for good rehabs on the internet, the choices can be overwhelming. You may be the loved one of a person who is suffering from a substance abuse disorder and desperate to get the help your loved one needs or you may be the one who needs help. There are many good and equally bad rehabs out there and that is why it is so essential that you find a good rehab and avoid further stress – which you do not need. We have listed 7 things that make a good rehab:

#1. Specialised Treatment

Every rehab specialises in the treatment of certain substance abuse disorders, and there are those who specialize in many. Rehabs that offer many specialties, often have a higher success rate than others. It is for your benefit that you choose a rehab that best suits your addiction, especially if you require intensive detox.

#2. Good Rehabs have High Success Rates

When a rehab has a high success rate, it is a good indication that the programme on offer is an effective and thorough one.

Questions you can ask:

  • What is the percentage of patients that complete rehab?
  • What is the percentage of people who maintain sobriety for first 6 months to one year?
  • How does the speciality offered contribute to long term sobriety after rehab?

 #3. Dual-diagnosis Treatment

 Many people who suffer from a substance abuse disorder may have underlying mental conditions. It is imperative that we address such issues in rehab or the individual will not maintain sobriety after rehab. People with mental health conditions self medicate with addictive substances. This is why a good rehab will assess whether the individual will need non-addictive anti-craving medication to prevent relapse.

#4. Individualised Treatment

A good rehab will offer individualized treatment after a medical detox. This is necessary to address and correct the psychological issues associated with addiction. All treatment should be given by a qualified professional, who will understand that addiction treatment is not just “one size fits all” and requires an individual approach.

ARCA rehabs offer the following rehab treatment:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

One to one counseling

Group therapy

Educational workshops

Fitness programme

Holistic programme – art therapy and mindful meditation

#5. Strong Work Ethics and Passion Exist in Good Rehabs

Rehab is a place of healing and every person that walk through the door is someone’s wife, husband, mother, father or child. A good rehab will have one goal in mind, to get you better and provide you with everything you need for a successful recovery. ARCA offers complimentary after care for one year if a patient completes their rehab treatment. We believe this is reason for our high success rate as the first year is a vulnerable one.

 #6. Good Rehabs Offer Family Therapy

Addiction is not a spectators sport, the people closest to a person with substance abuse disorder will be affected. This is why family therapy is included in ARCA rehabs treatment plan. We provide therapy and we educate families so that they can understand the recovery process and set healthy boundaries.  

#7.  Good Rehabs Have On-Site Medical Care

Many patients will have severe health problems when they come into recovery. Withdrawals will be severe and this will be a cause for relapse. These two factors are good reasons to have on-site medical care by medical professionals should any complications occur.