5 Addiction Recovery Hacks

Addiction recovery

Addiction recovery can be difficult for many who have a drug addiction or drinking problem. In this day and age anxiety levels are at an all time high, and for an addict this could lead to a relapse.  The good news is that there are ways to cope, using these few addiction recovery hacks:

Hack #1. You Have to Change Your Lifestyle

It’s easy to fall back into old patterns that can lead to a relapse. This is why a structured recovery plan is so vital. In recovery you will find that everything you were in active addiction has to go, this includes places, people and things from the past. Once you have a list of habits that need to be changed, you can plan from there. This will prevent you from having any distractions in addiction recovery that may lead to a relapse.

Hack #2. Get Fit and Healthy

Honestly being fit and healthy may be the furtherest thing from your mind in early recovery but it has so many great benefits that help you heal and feel good about yourself.  And of course an added bonus for avoiding adding on too many kilos post rehab. Working out is the best way to activate those feel good chemicals that you need to reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety during recovery.

  Hack #3. Stick With the Winners

This may seem a bit overwhelming but there are people in our lives that we have to avoid if we want to stay in recovery. It is okay to love people from a distance if they are a trigger. In recovery it is vital to stick with the winners. These are others that are just as serious about recovery as you are. Your recovery is not negotiable and a matter of life or death.

Hack #4. Find a Mentor or Sponsor

There aren’t many people who are understanding of your recovery and they may even push your buttons. Unfortunately we cannot run away from conflict and toxic people all the time, this is why it is helpful to have a mentor or sponsor to report to on a daily basis. A mentor or a sponsor is someone who understands our addictive behavior and recovery. When you are having a bad day and feel like you are slipping into a relapse, your mentor or sponsor is the pillar that you can trust to help you shift your thinking.

Hack #5. Avoid Boredom in Addiction Recovery

 Boredom is a popular trigger in recovery. Boredom drives addiction and this is why it is so important that you keep yourself busy. Do you have a hobby? Do you exercise? What about walking in nature? Whatever blows your hair back – do that. Do not allow yourself to be bored. When you fill your time with something that you enjoy, you will be physically and emotionally healthy.

Recovery is a process and it takes daily practice. When we become complacent we slip closer to relapse. Stay consistent and do not be afraid to reach out when you need advise.

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